This is called a terms of payment hearing. For more information about assessment hearings, read the Guide to Getting Ready for Court. If your claim is for $3,500 or more, you can appeal the judge's decision in Divisional Court. You can check with your local credit bureau, enforcement office, land registry office, or you could ask the small claims court to hold a court hearing about the debtor's finances. To win the appeal you have to show that the judge made a mistake. /*]]>*/ Many courts require that both parties attend a pre-trial hearing. Can I collect interest on money owed to me? The enforcement office will pay the amount received for the goods to the court. Only cases for money for actual damages can be filed in Small Claims court. Learn how to collect money owed to you using a court order. Read the Guide to Making a Claim for detailed instructions about what information and documentation you will need to provide when you submit your claim. /*