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Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007

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so over it

Monday, May 14th, 2007

I am so over being sick.
I’ve not eaten real food in eons.
I’ve lost a good 15 lbs (which I needed but would have preferred to do the “normal” way).
I can’t exercise because I have no energy so my muskles ala popeye have gotten flabby.
Housework while always a drudge is near impossible to do when you have problems standing for 2 minutes at a time.
I am too tired to read even.
I just watch reality tv reruns.
And that ain’t good for ye ol’ brain.
I am so over being sick.
Hopefully they figger out what is wrong soon.
I have to chaperone a field trip in a weeks time.
I have a vacation to CA coming up too.
Must. get. better.
If only we knew what was wrong?!


Thursday, May 10th, 2007

I just blogged a fairly decent blog and lost it. I’ll try again later when I have more energy.

Guilty Pleasures

Saturday, May 5th, 2007

There are things I enjoy that I am almost ashamed of. They are things that might not hold with my outward image I like to project. Then I remember that outward image is just that…outward. Who I am is and inward and outward being. There is more to me than the jeans I wear and the things I own.
Yet there are still some things I only do under the cover of darkness, things I don’t shout about on the rooftops. I’m going to whisper them to you right now. Full disclosure.
I love What Not to Wear. I want to be made over by Clinton and Stacey.
I read People magazine and not just for the book reviews.
I dance around my apartment to Don’t Ya by the Pussycat Dolls, Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake and My Humps by the Black Eyed Peas.
I love fountain Pepsis from Rickers’ and the occasional non Starbucks capp – straight from the convenience store.
I love TGIFridays Chicken Quesadilla Rolls dipped in sour cream. AND I double dip.
I like to go to movies by myself and not just “grown up” movies. I go under the guise of screening for my kids, but I saw Meet the Robinsons by myself and I had a good time.
I would also have gone to the opening of Spidey 3 at midnight if I had a car. Yes, I am that geeky.
I will eat in restaraunts by myself as long as I have a book, I am happy.
As much as I enjoy dancing to Baby Got Back, I also enjoy silence. Silence is golden.
Now that you know all these private things about me will you still respect me? Probably not. But that is okay. You have your guilty pleasures too.

under the weather

Friday, May 4th, 2007

I’ve been feeling under the weather for…well, forever. It started innocuously enough. I felt really full and would have intense indigestion after eating just a little more than usual. Then I started throwing up if I ate more than usual. Even if it was just a bite. Then diarrhea. Then more throwing up. Till all I seemed to do was live in the bathroom or hugging a bucket.
I finally went to the doctor. Want to know what finally prompted me to do it? I felt too puny to read!! I knew something serious was wrong then.
The doc still doesn’t really know what is wrong. He listed a veritable laundry list of possibilities. I’ve been poked. Next week I’ll be prodded. In the mean time I’ve lost at least 10 more lbs from it and my jeans keep falling down.
I could still stand to lose 20 more lbs according to the doctors scales, BUT I want to be able to choose what I do and do not eat. Right now I don’t have a choice. All food is off limits to me.
So, here’s to not feeling puny any more and actually being able to read with out hugging the porcelain god.

are you a kindred spirit?

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

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parenting sucks

Tuesday, April 10th, 2007

I am so not a good parent. Or often I think why did God give me these kids. They deserve so much more. Then I watched Gideon Tuba Warrior and there is a part where Gideon says that God chose him for such a time as this. And I think about Esther. Or Moses. Or all the asundry people that God chose to do great things. They weren’t all that fantastic. Moses stuttered. Esther was a Jew in a time when Jews were hunted and killed. God still chose them. They could do great things with God’s help. That is when I realized that I’ve been trying to parent under my own power and that isn’t that fantastic right now. So Phil 4:13 for pete’s sake.
I definitely need it. Jonathan was suspended. Again.
Whatever I have, wherever I am, I can make it through anything in the One who makes me who I am. ~ Phillipians 4:13, the Message

Need to dust off my pen, eh?

Wednesday, March 7th, 2007

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times that try (wo)men’s souls

Friday, February 23rd, 2007

I am thankful that I am not God. I couldn’t handle the pressure. But there are times when I wonder what He is thinking. I know in His infinite wisdom He does know what he is doing, but still…there are times that try the soul.
Times when you wonder why do mommies lose 3 month old babies? Why do other mommies not even get to birth their babies? Why do I have a son with special needs? Why does a husband think that another woman can meet his needs when he can’t even look outside of a beer can? And the list goes on…but God is God and I am not. So I cling to one of His many promises…
The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. Psalm 34:18

hee hee

Thursday, February 22nd, 2007

my nickname in high school was hippie chick…

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