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Snow day(s)

Friday, February 16th, 2007

Nothing like 17″ of snow and blizzard like conditions to make you go a little mad and let you get a lot of reading done. I only just got the car dug out of 3 foot snow drifts yesterday and tried driving it today to find that it has a mad knock. So I’ll go back to my stack of books. Yes, I’ve read 10 books so far this month. It’s been cold out. And a smidge snowy. *muah*

Valentines and other firsts remembered

Friday, February 2nd, 2007

I have no idea why, but something prompted me to remember a valentine’s day first last night.
It was 1987 and I was a gawky 13 year old. I still wore glasses, but was very vain that day and didn’t wear them so I saw every one through a near sighted haze. And it was raining. It rarely rained in Sunny California, but it did that February 14th. And I wore a tweety bird t-shirt and red stretch pants with jelly shoes. It was 1987 for petes sake.
I remember feeling weird and awkward in so many ways because I knew things weren’t right at home with my parents. My dad had sent my mom 17 yellow roses, but something still wasn’t right. Little did I knwo that a few months later they would separate and divorce.
I was on the student council at my junior high and we sucked the helium out of the red heart balloons we were supposed to be sending as Heart Grams.
It was also my first Valentine’s dance and my first slow dance. I danced with Erik what’s his name. And it was awkward too. Because as is common in the 7th grade I was already 5’7″ and he was probably all of 5′. He probably thought the dance was great. He got to stick his head in my already 38B chest while my friend Kim whispered, “Lean in to it,” as we swayed side to side to Tiffany.
My first kiss 2 years later wasn’t any better. Gag me with a spoon. Seriously, I think that was what he was trying to do. Thankfully my second kiss on New Years Eve 1991 was much better and I decided not to swear off on kissing all together. Although I should have been more selective. This is a lesson I will pass to my daughter.
Don’t dance with boys who only come up to your arm pits.
Don’t wear jelly shoes on rainy days.
Always wear your glasses because you want to remember what the boy you danced with looked like.
And don’t be afraid to say, “Eww, back off. Your tongue is hairy.”

mama said

Thursday, February 1st, 2007

Mama said there’d be days like this…
Sing with me!
I love my children. I really really really really do.
But there are days that I don’t like them.
The days when I feel like I have to mold and reprimand and discipline ever step I take. Those are the days when a vacation a deserted Fiji island with a stack of books and case of diet coke would be great. And today is one of those days.
So sing with me.
Mama said there’d be days like this. There’d be days like this.
Mama said. Mama said. Mama said.

I need a vacation

Tuesday, January 9th, 2007

Not a blog vacation or an internet vacation just an oh-my-gosh-my-life-is-driving-me-nuts-and-I-can’t-seem-to-change-it vacation. I watch the news and I know I’ll hate myself for saying this when we finally have snow on the ground here, but I think I’d rather be in Colorado than in Small Town USA right now. At least Colorado has oodles of snow and snuggly fires and you have an excuse for snuggling up and hibernating. I have not that excuse right now.
It is bitterly cold right now, but the sun is shining and I’m cranky. And I shouldn’t be. No, everything isn’t going my way but…it could be worse…
* I only have .19 cents to my name, but I’m alive.
* I don’t have a microwave that works or a can opener that doesn’t break your hand, but I have neatly organized cabinets full of food that my church gave me and with a little time and effort I can make a meal on the stove. I was born in 1973 not 1993. Microwaves weren’t staples until I was an early teen in our households.
* I have no gas in my car, but I don’t really have to go anywhere.
* My hobbit apartment is a pigsty no matter how much I clean (I seem to have 2 pigs not 2 children), but I have a hobbit apartment.
* I have a headache because I couldn’t sleep and I’m out of some of my medication but again…I’m 80 pounds lighter than I was 2 years ago. I have breathe in my lungs. I am alive!
* My income comes out faster than it comes in, but God is still bigger than the boogeyman. I know he will see us through. I just have to hold on tight.
* I can’t afford a vacation, but I can curl up at the end of a day (or maybe the middle if I don’t want to face the carpet that needs vacuumed for the millionth time this week) and visit Mitford or Narnia or Hogwarts or St. Simons Island or Prince Edwards Island or wherever my little heart desires because God gave me a brain and I know how to use it.
* Okay, maybe things aren’t all bad.
But I still wouldn’t mind a roaring fire in a fire place. Maybe, I can find one of those dvd’s that simulates a crackling fireplace. 😉

She lives, she learns, she loves

Thursday, January 4th, 2007

It is a new year and I’m going to try to blog more often.
I am still internetless at home, but I have access 6 days a week at the library so there really is no excuse except…
ya know
and I still seem to have all of the above
and I’ve already battled a serious case of S.A.D.
and it is only January!
But God is good
all the time.
All the time.
God is good.
More news from Small Town USA soon!!!

a tisket, a tasket

Friday, October 13th, 2006

a tisket, a tasket
a life is full to overflowing basket
what’s up in Nattie’s life right now?
still working
still single parenting
still volunteering at church
and indoor soccer started a few weeks ago
I coach both Jonathan and Anna’s teams
And there is always the challenge of trying to…
keep my temper
keep my head on straight
keep focused on God
not drown in the mundane ickiness of life
and dealing with Mr. Jonathan and the Asperger’s
and Miss Anna and the Drama Queen Syndrome which I’ve been told she’ll never grow out of
So what is up in your collective lives?


Monday, September 4th, 2006

An all points bulletin was placed shortly after 11:30 am EST when a large white metal contraption that 2 legged creatures call cars parked on a country road in Small Town USA, IN and abducted two of our children. 3 of the two legged creatures where seen with empty plastic bottles in the vicinity of 500 N. Shortly thereafter two of our children went missing.
The youngest is one inch in length with orange fuzz and answers to the name of Willie. The oldest is two inches in length with auburn fuzz and answers to the name of Wendy. They are believed to be in grave danger. If you know of their whereabouts please call 1-800-bugnapped.
***disclaimer – Anna had a bug show and tell at school tomorrow so we bugnapped some woolie worms. I hope their families will forgive us. No bugs were injured in this experiment.****


Wednesday, August 30th, 2006

…Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him… ~ Job 13:15


Saturday, August 26th, 2006

having to lounge around all weekend is no fun when…
1. snot seems to be coming out of every orifice AND you are out of kleenex
2. your head and eyes hurt so much you can’t read nor watch tv
3. your children are rowdy and you can’t emit more than a squeak

I’ve painted them this color before

Friday, August 25th, 2006

Your Toes Should Be Blue

You’re a little out there, but that means you take guys to a place that’s out of this world!

Your ideal guy: Zany, hilarious, and totally unpredictable.

Stay away from: Anyone who has to get up for work in the morning

What Color Should Your Toenails Be?