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Credit where credit is due

Friday, February 29th, 2008

Back when I started posting archived entries, here, I told you this would always be Nattie’s blog. It will never be about me. Consequently, I considred not approving Uncle Brian’s comment. But it’s about her, too.


Book lovers’ quote

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

(Originally published by Nattie on October 27, 2003)
My friend Peppermint Pattie shared this quote with me…
“Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend; and inside a dog, it’s too dark to read.” ~Groucho Marx~


My dad is a lifesaver

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

(Originally published by Nattie on October 27, 2003)
I tried to change the graphics on my site. I loved Di’s graphics, but I like a change every once in a while. Anyway, my dad helped me with the style sheet because I goobered it up. Whatever happened to basic?! What do you think?
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under construction

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

(Originally published by Nattie on October 25, 2003)
I’m trying to install a new stylesheet. So if things look wonky for a bit it is because I’m learning…very…very…very…s-l-o-w-l-y!
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I am sure to forget someone

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

(Originally published by Nattie on October 24, 2003)
but lest anyone else I’ve met online feel slighted, I will try to list all my wonderful supportive friends…(again in no particular order)
Heather M.
Heather T.
Dana * remember the last shall be first ;o)
This list is not exhaustive. I’m sure I’ve forgotten someone and sometime today I’ll slap my head and say, “I forgot so and so!” I don’t chat with all of these women everyday, but each of them has touched me in a special way. The internet has truly been a blessing for this SAHM. What the devil intended for evil, God used for good.
God bless you.
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(Daddy’s Note: If I were juts a little bit more on top of this, I would have already updated the outdated URLs in this post, but that would be, like…work. So, if any of these don’t work for you, check the comments to the “I Love WAH” entry of February 13. Or add a corrective comment here. Thank you so much for your continuing encouragement!)

I take it back

Monday, February 18th, 2008

(Originally published by Nattie on October 24, 2003)
One entry about how much I love ’em and they are bickering over who I listed first!? So in order of importance….
Stacey (because she is not here to comment)
Heather (because she is at work and can’t comment)
Di (because she hasn’t been online much lately and can’t comment)
Skipper (because she is nice enough not to bicker)
Jojo (because she is younger than Dana who pointed out to everyone that I was going to be 30 *gasp* soon) and last but not least…
Dana! So there!
If you think I’m nuts, you should read the comments left on my last entry. ;o)
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(Daddy’s Note: The comments to which Natalie refers are those left on the original post in 2003 which, I am sad to say, are no longer available. Meanwhile, the archival entry of February 13, 23007, caused a noticeable spike in visitor numbers, and nothing but positive comments.
The proximity of that posting and your annual get-together was purely coincidental. I hope that those of you who got to meet last weekend in Nashville had safe travels and a wonderful time.)

Which Scrapbook Magazine are you?

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

(Originally published by Nattie on October 24, 2003)
You are Creating Keepsakes! You are on the cutting edge of scrapbooking. You keep yourself up to date on all the latest techniques and products because scrapbooking is an artistic expression and you want to be aware of all your options.
Heritage is important to you, and you want future generations to fully understand their heritage through your scrapbooks. Because heritage and heirlooms are priceless, you are willing to spend whatever it takes to get the perfect page, although a lot of times you end up making the finishing touches by hand and saving yourself a lot of money.
While you hope that future generations will appreciate your scrapbooks, you are content just knowing that you have done all to preserve memory that you can.
Which Scrapbook Magazine Are You?
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I love WAH

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

(Originally published by Nattie on October 23, 2003)
God lead me to a wonderful bunch of ladies. We are called WAH (women at home). We love each other. We support each other. We pray for each other, and we are all eerily alike. :o)
Today, Heather, sent us a poem. It was so wonderful I had to share. It may not seem special to you, but it is very special to me.



Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

(Originally published by Nattie on October 22, 2003)
I got this in an email today.
What does PMS stand for? Here are 13 different versions:

  1. Pass My Shotgun
  2. Psychotic Mood Shift
  3. Perpetual Munching Spree
  4. Puffy Mid-Section
  5. People Make me Sick
  6. Provide Me with Sweets
  7. Pardon My Sobbing
  8. Pimples May Surface
  9. Pass My Sweatpants
  10. Pissy Mood Syndrome
  11. Plainly; Men Suck
  12. Pack My Stuff
  13. …and my favorite one…

  14. Potential Murder Suspect

And, yes, even “angels” like myself get PMS. :o)
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Monday, February 11th, 2008

(Originally published by Nattie on October 22, 2003)
This isn’t really a well formulated post, just a little free write on what is on my mind.
I’ve been very convicted lately about judging others attitudes, motives and words. Why do I judge? I say that I am concerned about the witness they are to others who might not believe. And I think that is a part of it. But the majority of it is that it is sooooo much easier to see someone else’s faults instead of looking at our own.