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a promise of peace

Saturday, April 18th, 2009

(Originally published by Nattie on September 01, 2005)

“Though the mountains be shaken
and the hills be removed,
yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken
nor my covenant of peace be removed,”
says the LORD, who has compassion on you.
~ Isaiah 54:10

Copyright Natalie Rose York

Praying for Hurricane Katrina victims

Friday, April 17th, 2009

(Originally published by Nattie on August 30, 2005)

Where can I go from your Spirit?
Where can I flee from your presence?
If I go up to the heavens, you are there;
if I make my bed in the depths, you are there.
If I rise on the wings of the dawn,
if I settle on the far side of the sea,
even there your hand will guide me,
your right hand will hold me fast.
~ Psalm 139:7-10

I can’t even imagine how dark and horrible it seems right now, but God is with you and he wants to see you through. I am praying for all the victims and that you can feel God’s presence with you in the depths right now.
Copyright Natalie Rose York

Friday Felicities 8/26

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

(Originally published by Nattie on August 26, 2005)
1. blogging my felicities on my blog again
2. the grace of God which passes all understanding
3. heating pads
4. ibuprofen
5. free multigrain bagels
6. friends who are answers to selfish little prayers
7. silly jokes that make you laugh so hard your belly hurts
8. Blue Collar Comedy
9. Sara Groves
10. a home church that has embraced me and cared for me like family
11. a five-year-old who loves learning so much that she begs for “homework” like her bubby
12. a seven-year-old who loves to pray
13. a warm bed
14. a roof over my head
15. dirty dishes in my sink (only because it means that we are well fed)
16. that i’ve lost 40 lbs since March
17. books!
18. diet coke
19. 3 musketeer bars
20. mint foot lotion
21. bath beads
22. home pedicures
23. David Crowder Band
24. hot water
25. hanes socks
26. the sound of cicadas on a summer evening
Copyright Natalie Rose York

bells and whistles

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

(Originally published by Nattie on August 25, 2005)
this new blog has all kinds of new bells and whistles and I haven’t quite figured them all out yet. Thus why I haven’t added any links yet. Heh.
I have to keep emailing my dad. How do I do this? How do I do that? I’ll get there. Then hopefully the words will start rolling again. Until then…bear with me.
I’m really stoked about one bell. Spam. It is persona non grata. I can delete it before it ever gets all up in my grill. Excuse my mixed metaphors and slang. I think I need more sleep or more caffeine or both. Tru dat.
Copyright Natalie Rose York

My blog is back!!!!

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

(Originally published by Nattie on August 23, 2005)
I lost everything in a server crash or something like that. Two years of blog entries. Gone in the blink of an eye. All my pictures that I had saved online got wiped out too.
I mourned. I put on sackcloth. I wailed a little. Okay, I wailed a lot. I contemplated never writing ever again. Then when my dad said my blog was back I felt my heart skip a beat.
I love my little piece of cyberspace. I love what it brings out in me creatively that paper and pencil does not. I still have my paper journal, but this little blog is…another piece of me. And I felt bare without it.
Now to add all my links and stuff again. Today is a new day. With no mistakes in it. Yet. *wink, wink*
Copyright Natalie Rose York

Current News

Monday, April 13th, 2009

This is largely irrelevant as almost all of you live elsewhere, but another team in our local “Relay For Life” has announced a fund-raiser for the American Cancer Society. Here are the details:

Saturday, April 18, 2009
2 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Marion Lanes
705 W. 37th St.
Marion, Indiana
2 Hours of Bowling and Shoes $5.00 (per person)
Striking Out Cancer: Priceless!
Hosted by Liz (Coopie) Williams, Family and Friends

Of course, this has nothing to do with raising money in Natalie’s memory, but anyone in the area next Saturday afternoon who feels like bowling for a couple hours is invited to join in.
And if this gives you any idas about ways we could beat last year’s total, let me know. Thanks!

The list is out

Saturday, April 11th, 2009

(Originally published by Nattie on August 6, 2004)
1. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
2. Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan
3. Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe
4. The Hobbit by Tolkein
5. The Life You’ve Always Wanted by John Ortberg
6. The Sacred Romance by Brent Curtis and John Eldridge
7. The Case for Faith by Lee Strobel
8. The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning
9. The Divine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard
10. Celebration of Discipline by Richard J. Foster
11. The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer
12. Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis
13. Orthodoxy by G.K. Chesterton
14. Seven Storey Mountain by Thomas Merton
15. Great Expectations by Charles Dickens
16. Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson
17. The Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain
18. All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot
19. A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway
20. Seabiscuit by Laura Hillenbrand
21. To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf
22. Knowing God by J.I. Packer
23. Gift From the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh
24. Pilgrim at Tinker Creek by Annie Dillard
25. The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
26. Imitation of Christ by Thomas Kempis
27. A Hunger for God by John Piper
28. What’s So Amazing About Grace? by Phillip Yancey
29. Jesus, The One and Only by Beth Moore
30. A Chance to Die: The Life and Legacy of Amy Carmichael by Elizabeth Elliott
31. Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott
32. On Writing by Stephen King
33. The French Lieutenant’s Woman by John Fowles
34. The Inner Voice of Love by Henri J. M. Nouwen
35. Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier
36. Sophie’s Choice by William Styron
37. Cold Sassy Tree by Olive Ann Burns
38. Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson
39. Accidental Tourist by Anne Tyler
40. The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood
41. Jude the Obscure by Thomas Hardy
42. The Outlander by Diane Gabaldon
43. Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor
44. The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingslover
45. Ben Hur by Lew Wallace
46. The Wind In The Willows by Kenneth Grahame
47. Beloved by Toni Morrison
48. Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton
49. A Passage to India by E. M. Forster
50. Sarah, Plain and Tall by Patricia MacLachlan
51. The Sign of the Beaver by Elizabeth George Speare
52. The Diary of Anne Frank
Copyright Natalie Rose York

I am…

Friday, April 10th, 2009

(Originally published by Nattie on August 5, 2004)
~ I am not feeling very bloggy lately.
~ I am having fun playing with my camera and PSP though. 🙂
~ I am counting down till my vacation. Only six more days.
~ I am not looking forward to traveling alone with two children, but I’ll manage.
~ I am looking forward to meeting Jojo, spending time with my momma and seeing Mel for the first time in two years.
~ I am not looking forward to packing. My suitcase broke on our trip back from Florida. So packing is going to be interesting.
~ I am thinking about eliminating my book blog and just moving the posts over here. I’m trying to streamline things for back to school and back to *sob* work.
~ I am trying to figure out what books to bring for vacation reading. I need to travel light, but I go through reading material so fast! Hmmm….
~ I am not enjoying listening to my kids fight constantly.
~ I am going to stop this boring entry.
BTW, in answer to the questions of why I didn’t let them bury me… Well, I have a strange adversion to being smothered. Plain and simple. 🙂
Update (6:21pm): I deleted my book blog. No one had commented since May so now I’ll just babble about books on this blog instead. It will be harder to ignore me then. 😉
Copyright Natalie Rose York

a brief review of my day

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

(Originally published by Nattie on August 5, 2004)
More Insomnia
Poptart breakfast
McDonald’s Playland
Good snail mail
Trying to take a good self-portrait—HA!
Copyright Natalie Rose York

Odds and Ends

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

(Originally published by Nattie on August 3, 2004)
I’m still fighting insomnia plus trying to go off my anti-depressants so don’t expect any blog masterpieces.
So instead I’ll just share another chronicle in the life of my children:
See a pile of blankets and pillows on the floor
Jonathan: *points to pile* “Sissy under there.”
Mommy: *walks away shaking head thinking…apparently since we don’t have any sand in our living room they are deciding to bury each other with what we have on hand*
A few minutes later see another pile…
Anna: “Bubby under there”
Mommy: “Just don’t get any bright ideas to bury mommy that way.”
Copyright Natalie Rose York