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Still wordless, after all these years

Friday, June 7th, 2013


I often try to think of something to write on these pages and every time it seems that I have already said everything that I can. I do have thoughts and memories but so few of them come with words.

On this past Memorial Day, I was thinking about my cousin who died in Vietnam. A few years after that traumatic event I picked up Natalie at school and we stopped to see the traveling Vietnam Memorial wall. That’s when I took the photo above.

I never asked what she was thinking at that moment. Allen had been gone five years when she was born, but I’m sure that she felt some connection. After all, she would later celebrate the 100-year accomplishments of Bob Hope. And when Anthony Berger suddenly passed at 44, she remarked how that was far too young. And when we heard the news–which happened to be three days before her 33rd birthday–that Peter Boyle was no longer with us, she observed that it was hard to believe that he was gone. Yes, ironies can be intriguing.

Although I would like to take credit for passing some of my writing aptitude on to her, she took what little she was given and ran with it. Her willingness to express her thoughts and feelings far exceeded anything that I ever wrote. And this is no exception.

Yes, I have many thoughts and memories, but the feeling that always comes to the front is the pride I feel when I read the wonderful words so many of you share. Thank you all, so very much!–Nattie’s Daddy