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i think i have said this before

anyone who knows me at all has heard this before, but i must say this again…
I want to be Beth Moore when I grow up. I would like to sit at her feet and have her teach me what she has learned about God. I want her fire and passion for God.
Yeah, I saw her speak again on LifeToday and that got me fired up again. But you know what she says about herself? She was a big mess too when she was younger and that she is only doing what she is doing now because of God. She too saw someone and said I want what they’ve got. So there is hope for me yet. God, are you out there? If you see fit to use me…I’d like just a piece of that. I want to know you more.
Oh and you must watch Wednesday’s with Beth on Life Today. Good stuff! Today she talked about how God IS Love. You cannot take that characteristic away from him because that is his definition. Good shtuff.

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  1. StephanieG Says:

    I am SOOOOO with you…I want to sit at the kitchen table with her and watch how she studies the word…the way she delves into Scripture…I WANT THAT!!!

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