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Thankful Thursday

Give thanks with a thankful heart for…
1. blue skies
2. health
3. deep belly laughs
4. mountains of books
5. God’s mercies which are new every morning
6. cold water to drink
7. hot water to take bubble baths
8. warm sun
9. air in my lungs
10. my babies who aren’t much like babies any more
11. my job (I work 6 days this week)
12. a roof over my head for the time being
13. too much stuff rather than too little
14. great friends
15. second chances and third and fourth and fifth

One Response to “Thankful Thursday”

  1. Heather Says:

    This is a good exercise for me today, since I am so stressed and having trouble seeing to the good side.
    I am thankful for
    cherry pajamas
    air conditioning
    our church
    that David loves to cuddle
    snail mail
    polish for my toes
    aruba sprite