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the quiet one or hitting my head against the wall

sometimes you just click along in life thinking you’ve got it all together and then WHAM…God smacks you upside the head and says, “Hey, you, who do you think you are?”
Ok, maybe he doesn’t do it quite that way. Usually it is my humaness that makes me WHAM right into something like a weakness and I stumble and reel. And God just shakes his head and says, “My child, what were you thinking? Did you really think you were immune this time?”
So He gently brushes me off and glues me back together. Or like right now I’m still sitting here a little stunned and trying to think what I could have done to not have run into this wall AGAIN. WHAM. I’m tired of getting bruises in the same places.
You know I had this cat when I was a little girl that lost hair in the same spot from hitting its head against the door. I always wondered why it didn’t learn that if it hit its head against the door it would hurt and it would lose its hair.
I guess me in my humaness. I am a lot like my cat, Sylvia, banging my head against my weakness and sin. God wants to remove that stumbling block. But I just keep thinking if I bang my head against it long enough it will go away. But all I will have is a bruised noggin and patches of hair. Do you know why Sylvia would bump against that door? Because she wanted out?
Lord, I want out of this burden sin. I am free. I want to live free. Open the door for me. I cannot do it alone.

2 Responses to “the quiet one or hitting my head against the wall”

  1. Heather Says:

    amen. I am there right now, Nat.

  2. MichelleD Says:

    God doesn’t mind repeating Himself though. That’s something He’s told me recently. He’s not like human parents that get tired of repeating themselves. 🙂
    Twinkling for Jesus,Michelle

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