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Why does God love me so?

Eons ago, okay, maybe just a few weeks ago I watched the much acclaimed movie Junebug. It wasn’t all that. It was good. It was artsy, but I can see why the mainstream didn’t grab on to it and the critics liked it. But that isn’t what I’m blogging about. One of the characters said something. It is kinda a bumper sticker theology, but it is true. “God loves you too much to leave you the way you are.”
Of course, she said it to a character who was struggling and cussing up a storm because he didn’t understand why he was struggling and bumper sticker theology isn’t going to help. It is too trite. Even if it is true.
God does love us too much to leave us the way we are. God is peeling the onion layers on me again. Not so much past hurts that I have to heal and give up, but more that I need to grow up and be a parent and the woman of God that he wants me to be. And I can only do it by the grace of God. And it is hard. Sometimes I wish God didn’t love me so much. No…I really don’t want to be selfish sally forever and not change and grow, but there are days…when I just want to be 12 again. I wasn’t boy crazy yet. I was still reading my Nancy Drews. I was perfectly happy watching the Neverending Story. Wait. Maybe I am still 12 trapped in a 32 year old body. And there in lies the problem.

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  1. Simeon Says:

    I feel exactly the same way as you (even about Neverending Story), even though I am two years late on this post. I still feel like I am going through teenage angst and regretting ever wanting to “grow up” cause when I got here, its nothing special and I would rather just be young again. I struggle with loving myself so it is hard to accept the vicious, barbaric and unescapable love of God. He is so holy, yet so present in my life I am afraid to engage Him most of the time as I think He just might burn all of me away…I suppose that is the point.I have definitely said the “I wish you would just not love me for a second” prayer before, and its a waste of breath. He just can’t help it! Good thing for us, huh? I am still tying to figure out this grace thing though…how is this done? Part of me knows it a pride thing. When dealing with God, you can NEVER pick up the tab, and thats downright frustrating!

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