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Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Nattie

1. I am weaning myself off Diet Coke. Yes, I…the girl who if you cracked open would bleed diet coke instead of blood is only drinking one diet coke a day.
2. I don’t think I’ll ever get over the fact that God’s mercies are new every morning or new every minute and I don’t want to “get over it”. I want to be amazed by God’s grace every day.
3. I got a tattoo when I was in Texas in April. It is Isaiah 54:5 in Hebrew…”Thy creator is thine husband.”
4. God is the lover of my soul. He woos me daily and it amazes me too.
5. I love my ipod with a passion. I’ve been listening to the audio version of The Chronicles of Narnia as I go to sleep everynight. Yes, cd players could do this, but my ipod is cute and tiny and it fits in the palm of my hand.
6. I am also a book geek. I love books with a passion. It is God, books, my ipod, then my family and friends. Okay, maybe not in that order, but if you saw my apartment you could see my definite love of the written word. My ex in laws used to joke about going to the library of Natalie instead of the Public Library.
7. What do I love to read? Books! Mysteries, biographies, christian non-fiction, british fiction, mysteries and more mysteries. I love classics and new novelists…but I’m more likely to like an older writer than a newer one. I have a large stack of old friends…i.e. books i reread often.
8. I don’t think I’m interesting enough to think of 13 things about me.
9. God is stirring some changes in my soul. They are exciting, scary and exhilirating all at the same time. Kinda like a rollercoaster ride!
10. Today was the first day off I’ve had other than Sundays in I don’t when. I love my job, but I was getting a smidge burnt out.
11. I’m going to California to visit my mom in July. I can’t wait to see the beach again. The kids are excited too.
12. I’m hoping to see my friend Mel when I’m in CA. We’ve been friends since we were in junior high. And now *counts on fingers* well, we are a lot older. She is one of my oldest friends. I need to squeeze her babies who aren’t really babies any more. I’d visit Jojo too, but she moved. To Washington! Hmph!
13. My son wants me to fix white soup. It is 86 degrees outside and he wants New England Clam Chowder he is crazy!!! Of course, I had sausage and green beans for dinner. He must get his craziness from me.
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5 Responses to “Thursday Thirteen”

  1. Heather Says:

    I was considering making mama’s veggies soup. Yum.

  2. Gail Says:

    Good luck with the Diet Coke, enjoyed your list!
    God’s love is amazing.

  3. Christina Says:

    Good job on the Diet Coke! I’m still working on that one myself. I’ve gotten myself down to mainly caffeine free, but I still can’t resist the cold bubbliness. Sounds like you have a relaxing trip planned for July. I hope you enjoy it!

  4. PixiePincessMom Says:

    Yeah I think it’s a bit too hot for soup too.
    I kicked the Diet Dr Pepper berries & cream habit; it was soooooooo hard to do. I slip sometimes. Good luck!
    I love your tatoo!

  5. Kendra Says:

    You can come visit me … We can commiserate about Jojo moving away!!

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