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An all points bulletin was placed shortly after 11:30 am EST when a large white metal contraption that 2 legged creatures call cars parked on a country road in Small Town USA, IN and abducted two of our children. 3 of the two legged creatures where seen with empty plastic bottles in the vicinity of 500 N. Shortly thereafter two of our children went missing.
The youngest is one inch in length with orange fuzz and answers to the name of Willie. The oldest is two inches in length with auburn fuzz and answers to the name of Wendy. They are believed to be in grave danger. If you know of their whereabouts please call 1-800-bugnapped.
***disclaimer – Anna had a bug show and tell at school tomorrow so we bugnapped some woolie worms. I hope their families will forgive us. No bugs were injured in this experiment.****

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