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a tisket, a tasket

a tisket, a tasket
a life is full to overflowing basket
what’s up in Nattie’s life right now?
still working
still single parenting
still volunteering at church
and indoor soccer started a few weeks ago
I coach both Jonathan and Anna’s teams
And there is always the challenge of trying to…
keep my temper
keep my head on straight
keep focused on God
not drown in the mundane ickiness of life
and dealing with Mr. Jonathan and the Asperger’s
and Miss Anna and the Drama Queen Syndrome which I’ve been told she’ll never grow out of
So what is up in your collective lives?

2 Responses to “a tisket, a tasket”

  1. Heather Says:


  2. Tina Says:

    I miss you too. I just wanted to say, if I were you (and I’m obviously not), I would not receive that report regarding Miss Anna “she’ll never grow out of”. God has amazing plans for Mr. Jonathan and Miss Anna and a key to that is a strong in-Him mom – YOU!!! I say, as a mom, you are aloud to be the loud voice declaring the favor of the Lord upon your children’s lives!
    Enough preaching (on my part) … I just want to say again how amazing you are!