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She lives, she learns, she loves

It is a new year and I’m going to try to blog more often.
I am still internetless at home, but I have access 6 days a week at the library so there really is no excuse except…
ya know
and I still seem to have all of the above
and I’ve already battled a serious case of S.A.D.
and it is only January!
But God is good
all the time.
All the time.
God is good.
More news from Small Town USA soon!!!

3 Responses to “She lives, she learns, she loves”

  1. Ladyblue Says:

    Hey there! Just wanted to stop by and say hi. It’s been a long time. Hope you are having a lovely new year so far.
    Love ya,

  2. Dawn Says:

    It is sooooo good to see you back online. You’ve been missed.

  3. Julie in NJ Says:

    I’ve missed your posts at the WAH site.
    Glad to see you are still around.
    hugs and prayers!!!!
    God Bless

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