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I need a vacation

Not a blog vacation or an internet vacation just an oh-my-gosh-my-life-is-driving-me-nuts-and-I-can’t-seem-to-change-it vacation. I watch the news and I know I’ll hate myself for saying this when we finally have snow on the ground here, but I think I’d rather be in Colorado than in Small Town USA right now. At least Colorado has oodles of snow and snuggly fires and you have an excuse for snuggling up and hibernating. I have not that excuse right now.
It is bitterly cold right now, but the sun is shining and I’m cranky. And I shouldn’t be. No, everything isn’t going my way but…it could be worse…
* I only have .19 cents to my name, but I’m alive.
* I don’t have a microwave that works or a can opener that doesn’t break your hand, but I have neatly organized cabinets full of food that my church gave me and with a little time and effort I can make a meal on the stove. I was born in 1973 not 1993. Microwaves weren’t staples until I was an early teen in our households.
* I have no gas in my car, but I don’t really have to go anywhere.
* My hobbit apartment is a pigsty no matter how much I clean (I seem to have 2 pigs not 2 children), but I have a hobbit apartment.
* I have a headache because I couldn’t sleep and I’m out of some of my medication but again…I’m 80 pounds lighter than I was 2 years ago. I have breathe in my lungs. I am alive!
* My income comes out faster than it comes in, but God is still bigger than the boogeyman. I know he will see us through. I just have to hold on tight.
* I can’t afford a vacation, but I can curl up at the end of a day (or maybe the middle if I don’t want to face the carpet that needs vacuumed for the millionth time this week) and visit Mitford or Narnia or Hogwarts or St. Simons Island or Prince Edwards Island or wherever my little heart desires because God gave me a brain and I know how to use it.
* Okay, maybe things aren’t all bad.
But I still wouldn’t mind a roaring fire in a fire place. Maybe, I can find one of those dvd’s that simulates a crackling fireplace. 😉

3 Responses to “I need a vacation”

  1. stephanie Says:

    Missing you! 🙂

  2. Dawn Says:

    Can I just say again how glad I am that you’re back? I miss hearing you pull diamonds out of coal.

  3. Amy Jo Says:

    Hi, Nattie pie.
    Here in a couple of months, I’m gonna be in about the same boat as you.
    Glad to see you posting. {{hugs}}
    Amy Jo

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