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friday felicities 9/16

1. Helping someone who has helped me so much.
2. Homemade tortillas.
3. Being able to open the windows for a little bit in the daytime.
4. Laughing with friends.
5. A son who was good at school ALL week.
6. Two little ones tucked safely in bed.
7. Anne of Green Gables book 1 through 7.
8. Old movies.
9. Reduced fat pringles.
10. The fact that I’m still alive after giving up chocolate for 10 days so far. Heh.
11. Yankee candles.
12. Old friends.
13. New friends.
14. My best friend ever – GOD.
15. David Crowder Band…I want to be their groupie in a wholesome way. Heh.
16. Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully I won’t have a headache in it.

3 Responses to “friday felicities 9/16”

  1. Heather Says:

    I can send you MY headache meds. They’re groovy. 😉
    Love you Nat! I did my FFs on Thursday. LOL!

  2. pattie Says:

    So proud of little Jonathan!!!!!

  3. Heather/DB Says:

    love you