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a day in the life

There are times when I think I need to blog/write more about a day in the life of a family with a child that has Asperger’s. But…often I am so caught up in the emotion and the turmoil that I just need to escape it for a bit. Thus I blog about inconsequential things or books.
Oprah had a special about autism on a few weeks ago. One of the parents made a statement that I’d like to put out here as an example of a day in the life – A bad is a bad day and a good day is a bad day waiting to happen.
That sounds so…pessimistic. But I understand. I am at the point where I’m afraid to be hopeful anymore. Because while hope in God is good. Hope in this ever changing beast – this disorder -is not possible. It is hard to find hope in every day life. It can be done, but when you are emotionally and physically drained some times it seems beyond your ken.
I’ll blog more about the good side of Asperger’s, but I needed to say this today.

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  1. kookiejar Says:

    Nattie, it’s going to be okay. My oldest son (18)is a very high functioning autistic and although there have been some frustrating times (beyond frustrating, really) next week he is moving out on his own. He will never be a scientist or the president of the United States, and he’ll never have a ton of friends, but he will be able to survive without me and that’s all a parent can ask in this world.

  2. booklogged Says:

    Nattie, I will keep you in my prayers. And Kookiejar, too. And your sons.

  3. Dewey Says:

    My son has Asperger’s. Considering your profile says you’re 29, I’m assuming he’s older than your children. I’d be happy to talk with you about my experiences sometime, if you ever feel like you want someone who’s been through similar things to talk to. Just send me an email through my contact page.

  4. Chris Says:

    Hi Nattie, I can imagine how frustrating things can be at times. I work with children and adolescents with psychiatric disorders at an inpatient psychiatric hospital. I’ve worked with children with asperger’s and have seen a huge improvement with age. My girlfriend’s brother also has Asperger’s, and he’s 13 now and there is a noticeable difference from 5 years ago. I wish you the best with everything!

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