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Tuesday’s Happies

1. Checking my email at the library.
2. Listening to my ipod while checking my email at the library.
3. Looking out the window and seeing the beautiful spring sunshine and knowing that I’ll be walking home in it in about an hour.
4. Not getting a phone call from my son’s school…yet.
5. Stacks of books waiting for me at home.
6. Too many dishes in the sink (no, I don’t like dishes, but the dishes attest to the fact that despite my limited income my children are well fed).
7. Hope…sometimes it is blinding like the spring sunshine. Sometimes it is a gentle warmth that comes with kind words. Sometimes it washes over you like waves in the ocean and sometimes it just envelopes you slowly. Sometimes it is like water in a dry land, but it is there if you look for it.

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