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How do I read so much?

Someone commented on my April Reads post and asked how I could read so much. Well, the reasons are threefold (any one who watched Friends should find that amusing)…
1. I have no life. Well, I do, but right now I don’t have a car so I spend less time doing superfluous things in le car. I am much more organized in my errand running since I have to walk there.
2. I always have a book with me. Seriously it is a disease. I cannot not read. I will read cereal boxes if I don’t have a book with me so it is just easier to always have a book with me.
3. I suffer from insomnia. I’m a night owl anyway so once my kids are in bed I frolic in the land of book mania. I can get more read in 2 hours after dark than the same 2 hours when the kids are running around.
And that my friends is the secret to my madness…er…success.

7 Responses to “How do I read so much?”

  1. Dana Says:

    three more things (sticks fingers out of knothole in box)
    1. once my youngest became older than 5– my reading time increased DRAMATICALLY. When they were young I could NEVER have done it.
    2. reading for a reason (like a group or a challenge) drastically improves my chance to “find time” to read.
    3. I never realized how much time i spent waiting and doing nothing until i started carrying a book with me everywhere like you, Nat. I challenge everyone to try it.
    I know the question wasn’t asked OF me, but I wanted to share some of the things that have made a difference for me in my reading life too.

  2. Heather Says:

    Me too Nattie. I go nowhere without at least one book. There is a book (or 2 or 3…) by my bed and a book in my purse and a book by the sofa and books in my car….

  3. Dewey Says:

    I am the same way!

  4. Megan Says:

    Thanks for answering you guys. I guess the trick is really having school age children. LOL. For now the challenges motivate me to find the time. I have Nattie to thank for that. She inspired me to do it.

  5. booklogged Says:

    I try to always have a book with me, too. It is amazing how much reading you can do while waiting. You must also be a very fast reader, though. My goodness – over 19 books in a month. I’m so envious.

  6. alisonwonderland Says:

    i think you must read fairly quickly too! 17 books in april?! i’m impressed :o)

  7. Tiff Says:

    Girl! I had no idea! We need to chat!! How old is your son?