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For Everything a Season

I. love. Philip. Gulley. When I can manage to read this past week, I’ve been enjoying his book For Everything a Season – Simple Musings on Living Well. It is a collection of vignettes based on the verses in Ecclesiastes – “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.”
I love his droll sense of humor. Gloria Gaither calls him part Mark Twain, part Garrison Keillor. I agree. Those are two other authors I love with a passion that is holy.
Just to give you a taste of his writing if you’ve never read him, here is a quote from the chapter “A Time to Hate.”
“…ever since then I’ve been trying to find a way to hate certain people and walk close to Jesus, but without success. If you’ve found a way to do that, let me know. There are several people I would love tohate if I thought I could get away with it.”
His non-fiction essays are simply lovely and his Harmony series is a hoot. Any one who has been a pastor or a pastor’s wife should enjoy his witty insight on being a pastor.
I’ve not read his other non-fiction works (If Grace Is True & If God Is Love) because I don’t hold with all his theology. That doesn’t mean that his other works aren’t fantastic! He lives here in Indiana. I’d love to meet him and pick his brain some time.
Mr. Gulley, can I sit on your stone porch some time and talk about black maple trees?

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  1. Linda Says:

    I have recently read two books from the Harmony series. I enjoyed them. Philip looks like a lovely person, although I was wondering if it is because I can read his face because he looks like he could fit in in Australia where I am from.

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