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Guilty Pleasures

There are things I enjoy that I am almost ashamed of. They are things that might not hold with my outward image I like to project. Then I remember that outward image is just that…outward. Who I am is and inward and outward being. There is more to me than the jeans I wear and the things I own.
Yet there are still some things I only do under the cover of darkness, things I don’t shout about on the rooftops. I’m going to whisper them to you right now. Full disclosure.
I love What Not to Wear. I want to be made over by Clinton and Stacey.
I read People magazine and not just for the book reviews.
I dance around my apartment to Don’t Ya by the Pussycat Dolls, Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake and My Humps by the Black Eyed Peas.
I love fountain Pepsis from Rickers’ and the occasional non Starbucks capp – straight from the convenience store.
I love TGIFridays Chicken Quesadilla Rolls dipped in sour cream. AND I double dip.
I like to go to movies by myself and not just “grown up” movies. I go under the guise of screening for my kids, but I saw Meet the Robinsons by myself and I had a good time.
I would also have gone to the opening of Spidey 3 at midnight if I had a car. Yes, I am that geeky.
I will eat in restaraunts by myself as long as I have a book, I am happy.
As much as I enjoy dancing to Baby Got Back, I also enjoy silence. Silence is golden.
Now that you know all these private things about me will you still respect me? Probably not. But that is okay. You have your guilty pleasures too.

4 Responses to “Guilty Pleasures”

  1. Heather Says:

    I love this idea, and some of these will make my list. I am off to blog my own. 😛

  2. Debi Says:

    Oh yes, I definitely do. You’re cooler than ever in my book!

  3. Erik Says:

    I think my favorite is the “Pepsis from Rickers”.. I miss those rare moments I can get away to one of those. The Soda Fountain in the Circle in Orange is too far for me now.
    BTW.. I watched What Not To Wear last night.. the nighties issue?.. was pure happiness seeing that woman’s confidence soar.
    I really love long hot showers…
    A Chocolate Mikeshake right out of the mixing can, nice and so cold that it hurts your teeth.
    I lay awake at night and do my best thinking, my best dreaming and will be more inspired than ever.
    I watch certain movies when no one is around.. sappy movies…cartoons…
    I read books that aren’t made for men. Isn’t that most all but mechanic’s manuals?
    I saw Episode 1 in the theatre 9 times.. and it got worse everytime but funnier as well. I think it was because I have a secret crush on Natalie Portman. 🙂 She kinda reminds me of an old actress.
    You make me remember who I am and while no one else may understand me.. I do.. and God does. 🙂

  4. alisonwonderland Says:

    what a great list! i just might have to make one of my own! 🙂

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