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An Update from Nattie’s Daddy

Just thought you’d want to know that Natalie spent Thursday night in the local hospital for observation and hydration. Although her blood pressure was elevated at the time of her admission, it had retreated to proper levels by Friday afternoon. She had lost another six pounds in the last couple of days, so she also benefitted from intravenous fluids overnight.
This evening she is being transferred to a hospital in Indianapolis. It is hoped that they are better equipped to obtain the scans that the surgeon wants before beginning his work
Please continue to pray for my little girl’s healing, and that you will soon be reading her words, here, again.
Thank you, from Natalie, her family and friends!

7 Responses to “An Update from Nattie’s Daddy”

  1. Dana Says:

    Dear Nattie’s Daddy,
    I don’t know if you read nat’s comments, but thank you. I wish my daddy were still around to help you deal with what it’s like when your baby gets cancer. I know he was angry a lot, but I know also that just knowing he was there, worrying, and loving me, was more than any words can convey.
    I hate this for your Nattie–i hate it with a pure, passionate hate that cancer is a thief and a murderer. But i know that love is stronger than anything cancer has.
    I love your nattie. I know she loves you very much too, and I know that you love her enough to move the sun and stars for her. Lucky for us, all we have to do is move a bunch of rotten cells.
    I’m praying so hard.

  2. daddy Says:

    Thank you, Dana. The love and prayers that come through this site are appreciated far more than I can write.

  3. Maria Says:

    Dear Nattie’s Daddy and Nattie,
    I don’t that the first hand experience with cancer that Dana does. So I can’t offer that help and support that she can and does. But I do know the love I have for Nat and the prayers that have been said on her behalf. I earnestly believe that she will be healed, TOTALLY and COMPLETELY HEALED, and that all of this is for God’s Glory.

  4. vickig97 Says:

    Nattie is a special lady . . . I see now she comes by it naturally. Prayers are being said literally all over the world for your little girl.

  5. Stephanie Says:

    Nat and Nattie’s Daddy….I know this has to be rough for you right now. But hold on to the thought that you have SO Many people out here praying for you. And prayers do help. I’m only 36, and I’ve survived cancer twice! When I was 4, the doctor’s gave me about a 10% chance of survival. Now, I’m a mom with a husband, 3 kids, and 2 dogs. The will to live can be stronger than anything.
    Please know that I am here praying daily…as is all Nattie’s blogging friends. Thank you for the updates.

  6. Quixotic Says:

    Sending lots of positive thoughts for Nattie and all of you.

  7. StephanieG Says:

    ((((((Nattie and her daddy))))))
    We are so proud to have Nattie as our friend and can’t wait to see the miracle that God is about to do in her life…All of her ‘net friends are praying very hard and lifting ALL of her family up as well! Hang in there…Nattie’s a special girl who God is about to do something VERY special in her life…

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