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Mea Culpa!

Yesterday, Natalie was under the influence of drugs, and could not be reached for comment, leaving her helpless Daddy no choice but to listen to her doctors and update you accordingly…silly me!
When they returned this morning and repeated their verdict for the patient, she chased everyone out of the room for a few minutes. Then she laid down the law.
“There will be no crying in my room. I want no one’s pity. I am not going to die. I will fight this thing until I beat it.”
Just returned from a nice long visit. She is very tired and weak. Regardless of the outcome, she did have major surgery with appropriate painkillers. But she is already promising to shave her head rather than let the hair fall out in clumps, and find some scarves that Jonathan and Anna can’t use to pick up dead animals.
This is where the real praying work begins! Thank you! –Nattie’s Daddy

12 Responses to “Mea Culpa!”

  1. Jamie Says:

    She’s a strong lady. No doubt about it. Prayers for all.

  2. Sally906 Says:

    Nattie is in my prayers – that’s all I can offer – but prayers can change the world 🙂

  3. vickig97 Says:

    How I appreciate your updates! Thank you so very, very much!!!
    I wish I had great words of wisdom to share, but my thoughts are limited this morning. But please know that fervent prayers for Nattie AND her family are being said.

  4. Debi Says:

    Nattie…You are Amazing! Keep it up, girl!

  5. Heather/DB Says:

    Just know Nattie and her family is in my prayers love you Nattie you go girl

  6. Diane Says:

    Appreciate the updates.
    Prayer and attitude are everything!
    I will continue to keep Nattie and her family in my prayers and thoughts.

  7. Heather Says:

    That sounds like the Nattie-Pie I know.

  8. Cynthia Says:

    Thank you for the updates…KNOW, KNOW, KNOW that Nattie as well as her family & children are being loved and prayed for…and know this…
    “When you doubt, I will believe. When your faith is weak, mine will be strong. When prayer is difficult, I will be on my knees. I will stand in the gap for you. I will have faith till yours is stronger, I will have faith till your doubt is gone, I will pray till you are able, just lean. I will wait with you in patience for answers that we know will come…so just lean…”
    …sending hugs, love & prayers…

  9. Cheri Says:

    did I mention I was praying
    cause I am
    you can borrow mine, Nattie! 😀

  10. Camille Says:

    I found this blog just before all this started happening, and I just want to say that I’ll be checking back all the time. I know Nattie doesn’t know me but she and her kids and family are in my prayers from now on.

  11. Shanna Berry Says:

    I will stand in agreement with you that this thing is beat. I believe with all my faith that God has already healed us, my liver is whole, my diagnosis was bleak, so many had given up…..but God is God and I’ll walk this thing out with you until your body shows God’s amazing miracle in the flesh….your spiritual body is already whole, lets get this one matching it girlie!
    Each morning I will start my day praising God for your complete restoration, the specific death of all cancer cells in your body and your restoration of strength.
    Love you girlie!

  12. Chris Says:

    I’m sending prayers your way Nattie and family. I’m in awe at your ability to remain positive throughout this. You’re such a strong and amazing person. Keep fighting!

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