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Moving right along

Got some time with Natalie this evening. She is to be moved from the surgery floor to the oncology wing, probably tonight, and chemotherapy could start as early as tomorrow. It is good to hear from doctors with positive plans.
She is still very weak and uncomfortable. Of course,that is to be expected just three days after major surgery, but we who are demanding miracles would like to see one soon!
Nattie wants to see her children, and they need to see her…well and strong again!
Still, she has not lost her resolve to fight with whatever strength she–with your help and God’s–can muster.
We also need to thank everyone who has been such a help to all of us lately. Some of those I can remember are cousins Allen, Jill and Joy; aunts Anne and Marty; Wes and his family, Karla and Elaine; Pastor Mark and Tammy Deimer and their entire praying congregation, and especially her mom who flew out from California the day after she got the news, and is staying as long as she is needed, even though her vacation days are long gone.
And all of you who continue to stop in here and leave your words of encouragement, and pray for Natalie’s strength and miraculous healing. Don’t stop now!
Thank you so very much!–Nattie and her Daddy

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  1. Cynthia Says:

    Thank you Natties Daddy for keeping us posted. I am keeping hundreds of prayer warriors updated on my end. Standing, believing, hoping and praying with you…

  2. Elizabeth from New Zealand Says:

    Nattie is also being prayed for over here – the other side of the world… but keeping you all in my prayers, as you’ll need to stay strong for her and those gorgeous children.
    God Bless

  3. Pattie Says:

    Thanks for the updates, Daddy-O 🙂 We at the Women @ Home board are praying “without ceasing” and lifting all of you up in prayer.

  4. Dee Says:

    Praying for your strength (both physical and strength of faith) and protection as you begin chemo. I’m also praying for your mother and daddy and your children through this.

  5. Quixotic Says:

    I just checked in here, and have read the last few posts. I’m sorry to read that the cancer is inoperable, but Nattie’s strength is inspiring.
    Thinking of you all, and sending positive thoughts for continued strength and healing (for all of you).
    Kick that cancer’s ass, Nattie.

  6. Heather Says:

    Praying praying praying.

  7. Marie Morgan Says:

    Please tell Natalie that I love, love, love, love, LOVE her and am praying without ceasing. I heard about the blog (it’s a small town)and will check everyday. I heard a rumor that she will be coming home on Thursday, is this correct?

  8. Nattie's Daddy Says:

    On Monday, the day after her surgery, we were told that Natalie would be released “in three or four days,” and could do her chemo nearer to home. On Wednesday, however, her oncologist decided that she should be moved from the surgery wing to the oncology ward in the same hospital. That’s all I know at this time.
    Thank you all for your concern and your continued prayers.

  9. Heather/DB Says:

    got your back nattie pie

  10. susan mc Says:


  11. Laura Falco Says:

    Marc and I are sending up prayers from NY! Stay strong . . . God is in control! Love ya lots!

  12. Lewis Family Says:

    HEY GIRL!!! BE STRONG!!! Even though your body is weak, God is Strong and we (your prayer warriors) are strong. We will pick up where you are weak. We love you girl. If there is anything you need, anything, just let me know. Hey do you want me to get some pics from your home and help you work on some scrapbooks? I am willing and able to get your books going for you. Just say the word and it will happen. LOVE YOU.
    May God bless you and your family and keep you strong!!!
    Jen, Sam, Logan and Ella

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