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Is that all there is?

Thank you (have I said that before?) for continuing to visit NattieRoseWrites.com. I had no intention, I can assure you, of becoming a blogger when–less than a month ago–I posted my first update in my daughter’s stead.

Many of you have thanked me for continuing to post. Surely you have noticed that I lack a certain quality that made this site so popular and its author so well loved. I ain’t Nattie…OK? (Insert smile, here.)
Sometimes, we parents tend to think of our children as extensions of ourselves. Although we know better, we expect them to adopt our friends, adapt our logic, to assess their situations and make their decisions in the same ways we would. This, however, is rarely, if ever, the case.
Our offspring are the products of their genes and environments, not ours. My Natalie did not get her sweet optimistic spirit from me.
But Natalie isn’t blogging anymore. And, now, the updating is done. Although we will continue to grieve indefinitely, we have said our goodbyes. her “Hobbit House” is empty, her accounts closed, her books donateed to her church and her library.
Jonathan and Anna miss their Mom, to be sure, but they now live with their dad and look forward to their birthdays in July.
All we have left are memories, a few photographs…and her written words. All I have left to say is a polar opposite to what you have come to expect to read, here.
I know that Nat is having the time of her life, but all I want to talk about is how unhappy I am. I feel sorry for myself–to say nothing of her mom, her kids, her extended family and all her friends–because the world just isn’t the same without her.
Because many people still visit daily, I don’t intend to remove this blog anytime soon. Fortunately, I am a minority investor in the box that serves the site, and the domain is registered for a few more years.
But I also know that those readers will soon fade away if new material is not added frequently, so I had an idea…
Thanks to Heather, Joanne and Cynthia from W@H, and the internet “Wayback Machine,” I have the posts puiblished on the original “Nattie Writes,” dating back to mid-2003.
I also have some things she wrote in the years before blogging became such an important part of her life and yours.
If you would like me to periodically post this material–some of it previously published, and some of it not–let me know. Otherwise, I cannot imagine that you would be interested in anything more that I could add.
Thanks for caring! (((((Y’all!)))))

21 Responses to “Is that all there is?”

  1. Dee Hurst Says:

    I think it is awesome that you are keeping her blogging site open. I was afraid that when I typed in the web address, there would be nothing there. Thank goodness its there and can’t wait to hear more from you and Nattie.

  2. Stacey Says:

    Nattie’s words will live forever. Just as her love does. If you would, I know many would receive quite a blessing.

  3. Dawn Says:

    O PLEASE do this!! We would so love to have a periodic word from Nattie.
    You know, every day when I am at w@h I still expect her to pop in with a quick post. I know in the depths of my heart and soul that she is beyond happy and joyful at the feet of her Savior. But…as you so eloquently said, we selfishly miss her terribly.

  4. Leann Says:

    I would be so very thankful to continue to read her words here if you are up to sharing them. Thanks so much for all you have shared with us and for letting us be a small part of all of this with you. We all loved her so much (and still do). (((HUG))) …wish I could hug your neck in person… someday. 🙂 Thank you!!!

  5. Skipper Says:

    I would love it if you would do this.
    I miss her.
    More than I can say…

  6. Wendy Says:

    I for one would love to keep reading Nattie’s posts. I met Nattie pretty far along into her blog writing, and felt that I had just barely gotten to know her when she died.
    I have to say that I also enjoy hearing *your* thoughts. I cannot imagine the pain you must feel in missing your Nattie…perhaps it helps to continue to connect to her though her blog and her blogging friends. Please don’t stop “blogging” if you want to continue – it helps us too…
    I can see why Nattie turned out to be such a special person with a daddy like you!

  7. Heather Says:

    A. Yes, please post and post away.
    B. Of course, however, we would be interested in what you have to say.

  8. cousin mark Says:

    Dear uncle,
    Natalie’s website is probably the only way I will be able to stay in touch with you. So, while I am interested in Natalie’s previous posts, I also hope to here from you.
    cousin mark

  9. amy Says:

    Please keep Nattie site going I check it every day to see if you have posted something. This is a way for us to still be close to Natalie and to remember her always. Please don’t stop
    Thank you

  10. Heather/DB Says:

    that’d be great! hug and prayers

  11. Maria Says:

    yes please do keep posting things of Nattie’s I will dearly love to read them. It makes me happy to see the updates you have posted thus far. Also do, from time to time, keep us updated on Nattie’s family.

  12. Cathie Jo Says:

    Yes yes please do continue.. And please you talk too, though I knew you through Nat talking of you all the time, I still feel I know you personally, and I am still connected to Nat through you. Did you know she had a myspace also? And I praise God daily that she kept it public and not needing approval for comments. I go there every couple of days to just “talk” to her. Thank you for doing this, thank you so very much. Love, Cathie Jo

  13. Brian Says:

    I never lived in the same town as Natalie, and therefore shared too little of her life, but have thoroughly enjoyed her posts during this time of weeping. I did a myspace search for Nattie Rose and got 641 responses. If anyone could save me the time by posting her link I’d deeply appreciate it. Thank you for your support of her Daddy and family. Nattie’s Daddy’s brother.

  14. Vicki G. Says:

    I’m thrilled you will continue to breathe life into this blog. I love reading Nattie’s words and your words as well.

  15. Julz Says:

    I seen nattie’s obit in the OC Register.OMG this is so touching. Her story. Her life. her family. How could you not keep this going? While she is gone. Her story lives on to touch so many more people. Like Nattie i am a reader.The whole depth of her story is so moving to me.She will live on thru you and her children.Her story of recognizing her cancer may in fact help someone who is going thru the same problems.Please do not stop this blog. Take care and God bless all of you.:)

  16. erik Says:

    I am thrilled not only you’re continuing to blog, but to repost her old entries and may I suggest her photos as well.. her love for photography definately showed and to celebrate those moments would be so wonderful.

  17. Cynthia Says:

    I, as well as everyone who comes here, certainly understands your heartache. As it seems everyone has already said, it would be wonderful if you could post Natalies old posts, but it would also be just as wonderful to read some of your own thoughts and stuff. We have grown to enjoy them as well…you never know, this may be theraputic for you…heck, for all of us. 😉
    Someone asked for Natalie’s MySpace address: http://www.myspace.com/nattiedahling

  18. sarala Says:

    Dear Nat’s Daddy,
    I didn’t really interact with your daughter; I came by her site due to a reading challenge and just came back to follow up on that. I am so sorry for your loss. I cannot imagine what you are going through but I hope you find what consolation you can. I will mention Nattie in my next post which is all I have to offer other than my most sincere condolences.

  19. Liza Says:

    I am glad you’re continuing…
    what a legacy she left to us…
    Nattie loves you so much. I am guessing she’s happy to see you “blogging”….

  20. Liza Says:

    Sorry, I do not know how to link to a certain post. I read Nattie’s very first entry here and here’s what she said:
    My blog is back!!!!
    I lost everything in a server crash or something like that. Two years of blog entries. Gone in the blink of an eye. All my pictures that I had saved online got wiped out too.
    I mourned. I put on sack clothe. I wailed a little. Okay, I wailed a lot. I contemplated never writing ever again. Then when my dad said my blog was back I felt my heart skip a beat.
    I love my little piece of cyberspace. I love what it brings out in me creatively that paper and pencil does not. I still have my paper journal, but this little blog is…another piece of me. And I felt bare without it.
    Now to add all my links and stuff again. Today is a new day. With no mistakes in it. Yet. *wink, wink*
    Nattie’s Dad, I know Nattie is happy that you’re blogging for her 🙂

  21. Sonshyne Says:

    Well, Nat’s Daddy – soooo glad you kept this open. My life has been on fast forward plus we lost our internet at home, so i got waaaay behind. i had been told Nattie was sick, but did not know until today that she had gone home. So glad you’ve kept this open. Know you are in my prayers.

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