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That Someone

(Originally published by Nattie on August 16, 2003)
Something I wrote awhile back…
Sometimes I feel
Like my very breath
Is being squeezed out of me
Like being held under water
Where is that someone
Who can breathe life back into me

Sometimes I feel
Like I am walking in the dark
Searching and grasping
To find my way
Where is that someone
Who can lead me through despair
Sometimes I feel
Like stones are being thrown
Hitting me on every side
Bruising and scarring me
Where is that someone
Who can make me whole again
“Hard pressed but not crushed
Perplexed but not in despair
Persecuted but not abandoned
Struck down but not destroyed”
Because that someone has been there before
And He can help me…
Together we’ll make it through again
copyright Natalie Rose York

6 Responses to “That Someone”

  1. Heather Says:

    Still gives me chills.

  2. Becky Says:

    Thanks for sharing – I needed to hear that.

  3. Judy Says:

    Natalie clearly had her Daddy’s gift for writing! What a moving piece, I have felt all the emotions she so clearly expressed here.
    Her printed thoughts are one of the many things that will keep Natalie so much alive in the hearts of all who knew and loved her for years to come.
    Thank you Geoffrey for sharing this.
    Love you so – J

  4. Debbie Says:

    I have met Nattie too late. I saw her obituary in the Orange County (CA) Register today and her blog address was there. I typed in the address a few hours ago and I am sitting here with tears in my eyes reading all about this wonderful woman. I am so sorry that this all happened so quickly for her and for all of her family and friends. I will come here daily to read her best of blogs.
    I hope this helps you, Geoff, with your grief.
    I keep you all in my prayers.

  5. MichelleD Says:

    Like so many of the other girls at W@H, I keep expecting to see a note from Nattie. It wasn’t unusual for Nattie to not have a chance to comment for a week or two, so in my mind, it’s getting time for her to check in. And that makes me miss her even more. Nattie reminded me so much of my mother who passed away ten years before Nattie (almost to the day), and my mom was also a single mom in her 30s. My heart breaks for Jonathan and Anna and for all of you. I know that you know she is Home, but I also know that knowing that doesn’t make her absence on earth hurt any less.
    I pray for you often.
    Twinkling for Jesus,

  6. Cynthia Says:

    …amazing, loved it when it was read at the service. Thanks for posting it here…

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