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I don’t enjoy…

(Originally published by Nattie on August 19, 2003)
I really don’t enjoy having my eyes dilated. I had my bi-annual eye exam today. The glaucoma test is bad enough, but to then dilate my eyes. You’d never believe I’ve been a contact wearer for 15 years. I hate having people mess with my eyes.

As the result of the dilation and trying to focus to drive, I have a headache. The kids are watching “Sleeping Beauty,” and as soon as it is over we are crawling into bed and going to sleep. Maybe I’ll have more meaningful words to say tomorrow.
Although, on the plus side, our insurance paid for the majority of my new glasses and contacts. I wear glasses most of the time since I became a SAHM, but I’m still a little vain when it comes to going out and like to have contacts on hand for those moments.
Night, night. Don’t let the bedbugs bite.
copyright Natalie Rose York

One Response to “I don’t enjoy…”

  1. CdnReader Says:

    I’m probably one of the last who got to know Nattie just a little through this forum, when I joined the reading challenge on May 16th. I have visited here frequently since then and read your updates, sighed with despair, wept alongside all the rest, and recognize and sympathize with your pain, Nattie’s Daddy. I would like to join with the others and encourage you to continuing posting Nattie’s words, and please continue to write in this space of your own journey as well. Many read here, and many will learn of Nattie’s amazing life and the impact she’s had in a strange digital world populated by friendly bookworms and warm-hearted bloggers.
    Wishing you peace,