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What are you thankful for today?

(Originally published by Nattie on August 25, 2003)

  1. Texas toast and homemade spaghetti
  2. library cards and kids who love trips to the library
  3. 1925 edition of Chronicles of Avonlea by L.M. Montgomery that I got for $.25 at the library
  4. dishwashers
  5. washers and dryers

Copyright Natalie Rose York

3 Responses to “What are you thankful for today?”

  1. Anne Says:

    Great things for which to be thankful! I miss my kindred-spirited niece!

  2. Liza's Eyeview Says:

    1. our house we live in now;
    2. living on Maui
    3. blogging
    4. my work (especially how the owners are so nice)
    5. my family

  3. Heather/DB Says:

    read i think all the anne of green gables books dont think i have em ill have to get them again

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