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For everything I dislike…

(Originally published by Nattie on September 01, 2003)
For everything I dislike, there are a myriad of things I like.
I don’t like cramps.
~ I do like Diet Coke.
~ I do like heating pads.
~ I do like “I Love Lucy” reruns.

I don’t like whining children.
~ I do like sticky sweet kisses.
~ I do like homemade birthday cards.
~ I do like listening to bedtime prayers.
I don’t like getting stopped by the same train all the time!!!
~ I do like hearing my favorite song on the radio.
~ I do like listeing to “Focus On The Family.”
~ I do like the opportunity to clean out my car.
I don’t like fights with my husband (or the way his clothes never hit the laundry basket).
~ I do like watching him sleep (as long as he isn’t snoring).
~ I do like the fact that he grills out whenever he is home.
~ I do like the way he thinks and says I’m sexy.
I don’t like thunderstorms.
~ I do like listening to the rain.
~ I do like the smell of the air right before a storm.
~ I do like the way rain cleans everything off.
I don’t like gossips.
~ I do like those gossips who bake you cake (it seems to sweeten the sting).
~ I do like prayer chains.
~ I do like my church.
Copyright Natalie Rose York

4 Responses to “For everything I dislike…”

  1. Heather/DB Says:


  2. hailey Says:

    i do like this blog. gives me so much perspectives!

  3. Vicki G. Says:

    Nattie was so creative!

  4. Liza's Eyeview Says:

    Perspective…makes a huge difference.

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