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Monday Madness

(Originally published by Nattie on September 01, 2003; prompts by Monday Madness.)

  1. If you discovered the brakes on your car weren’t working, what would be the first thing you’d do? (Assume that you NEEDED to stop.)

    I’d try to find a safe area to stop, even if I had to run myself off the road.

  2. Do you consider yourself to be a safe driver; respecting speed limits and all other road rules?
    I tend to speed without realizing it. That is why I love cruise control. It keeps me legal.
  3. If you see someone on the side of the road that appears to be having car problems, would you stop to help them? Why or why not?
    I always want to stop, but worry about safety. I guess I need to be more of a WWJD’er.

Copyright Natalie Rose York

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  1. Jamie Says:

    #1 & #2…the lady had humor even when serious.

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