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Nothin’ but a party!

Sunday was the long-awaited “official” celebration of Jonathan and Anna’s July birthdays. Life for them, as for all of us, is very different than it was when the previous school year ended, but they seem to be doing well, considering…
They are now in their new home, attending their new school, and still “growing like weeds.”
As always, a sincere thank you to each of Natalie’s friends who continue to visit, read, comment, and offer their prayers and words of encouragement.

7 Responses to “Nothin’ but a party!”

  1. Jen L. Says:

    Thanks, Nattie’s Daddy, for keeping this blog going. I’ve enjoyed re-reading or reading for the 1st time her thoughts. I’m still praying for you!

  2. Maria Says:

    What a fantastic time and yes thank you for keeping this blog going — I was so moved by your comments on the night at the library that I couldn’t type anything in the comments at the time but I read, read, and reread just to be close to her again….

  3. Heather/DB Says:

    praying the kids are getting so big

  4. Stacey Says:

    THey grow up too quickly.

  5. Liza's Eyeview Says:

    I came to this blog after Nattie passed away. She “became my friend” through this blog … and so do you. Thanks for the update on kids. I always think about them when I visit this blog – especially her son….

  6. Skipper Says:

    Did they like the gifts we sent (the WAH girls)?
    They are growing so fast.
    I can’t believe she’s not here…some days.
    And then it’s all too real the next.
    Happy Birthday Jonathan and Anna. You were always your mama’s favorite.

  7. cousin mark Says:

    Dear Uncle, you and the children have been in my prayers many times.

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