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List cars you’ve owned

(Originally published by Nattie on September 05, 2003)
~ My first car was a 1979 Toyota Corolla. It cost $1000 and didn’t even last a year. I blew the rods out by not changing the oil

~ The next car was my favorite car. It was a 1984 Jeep Cherokee Grand Wagoneer. I paid $7500 for it. It had wood paneling on the sides. I called it “Woody.” Did you know that 67% of car owners talk to their cars? I can’t remember how many name their cars. It was pretty high. I love silly statistics.
~ My next car was a family car. It was my grandma’s 1990 Taupe something or other. I can’t remember what kind of car it is for the life of me. I had an accident in it and it never drove the same after. We paid $700 for it when we bought it off my Grandma’s estate.
~ The last car we owned is a white 1995 Plymouth Shadow. My father-in-law gave it to us. It was owned by a couple of nuns before we got it.
* My dream car is a 1964-1/2 Ford Mustang. Either blue or red would do. I’d be tickled pink if it was a convertible. One of these days…
Copyright Natalie Rose York
(Notes–if anyone cares: Grandma’s car was a Mercury Sable. And the Plymouth Shadow was, indeed, her last car. If they have Mustangs in Heaven, Natalie finally has her dream car.)

2 Responses to “List cars you’ve owned”

  1. Heather Says:

    Oh, you know Jesus drives a pretty pony. I am sure He can pull some strings for our Nattie-Pie.

  2. Skipper Says:

    I’m sure she does!
    A fiery red convertible speeding down the street of gold. Funny girl. I can totally see that! Her blonde hair flying out behind her!
    Awesome chariot, Nat!

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