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Coach Nattie & a little soccer star

I am not actually coaching Anna’s soccer team. I am coaching Jonathan’s team and he rarely sits still long enough for me to take a picture of him. I’ll try again tomorrow.
We won our first game 5 to 3. And I have…no. idea. what. I’m. doing.

6 Responses to “Coach Nattie & a little soccer star”

  1. Monika Says:

    Ohhh that is SUCH a cute photo!!!

  2. Misty Says:

    You go girl! You are awesome. And you daughter looks a lot like you. BEAUTIFUL!

  3. cj Says:

    Ya know Nat, I somehow doubt Jonathan will remember that sugar. I think he will remember his mom was there at all his games, involved. I’m so proud of you sweetie. I know you never intended to be mother and father, but you are doing an incredible job. Love, cj

  4. Jeanine Says:

    Hi! Somehow I lost touch with you. Found you by accident this morning. If you get a chance to email me I have a question for you.

  5. Zoe Says:

    Heeheee, sounds like fun though.

  6. Heather/DB Says: