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Today :o(

(Originally published by Nattie on September 24, 2003)
Today is not starting well.
~ I have a headache.
* I feel grouchy and prickly.
~ I just want to be alone.
* Jonathan has already pooped his pants.
~ Yes, he is five, and we still have problems with b.m. :o(

* I’m tired of Anna’s little game of eating one bite of cereal and then declaring she is done and wants cookies.
~ She is not getting cookies for breakfast.
* I just want to sit in my robe today,
~ but I have to take Jonathan to speech therapy,
* take hubby to work,
~ run errands,
* and go to a Ready to Learn seminar
~ I don’t know if even a new episode of “Friends” will get me feeling better.
* Plus, the house is a mess,
~ piles of clean laundry to fold,
* piles of dishes in the sink,
~ and a bathroom that smells like my son peed all over it…
* sigh*
* can I go back to bed yet?
Copyright Natalie Rose York

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