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the day ended

(Originally published by Nattie on September 25, 2003)
The day ended on a better note.
I didn’t get anyone to watch the kids, but I did wake hubby up and ask him to take Jonathan to speech therapy. While they were gone, Anna and I laid down and took a nap. That helped some. I still have a headache, but it hasn’t gone into a full-blown migraine yet.
I went to a neat workshop at the library tonight. It is called “Ready to Learn” and is sponsored by PBS. It is about being discerning about what your children watch, and using the shows they do watch as a springboard for more learning.

Tonight’s workshop was on “Reading Rainbow” which I have said before is one of the kids’ favorite shows, and I totally approve of it. They gave away some free stuff–a Teletubbies magnet, a Teletubbies nursery rhyme CD, a packet with all kinds of info, a Between the Lions coloring book, a book called Is Your Mama A Llama and If You Give A Mouse A Cookie. They had child care for the kids. Jonathan got to play on the computer. He’s had it taken away from him at home until he can control his bowel movements better. He said tonight after a little talk that he is going to try harder.
Then, of course, the new episode of “Friends” was tonight, and it was great!
So now I am signing off and going to tuck myself in with a really good book called The Church Ladies by Lisa Samson.
~ nighters
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  1. Heather Says:

    I remember Nat telling us about the Ready to Learn program. 🙂

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