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(Originally published by Nattie on September 25, 2003)
I’ve been singing the praises of fall and the cooler weather. Then I had to go through my children’s winter clothes and shoes. Apparently they have both had a growth spurt.
Shoes bought three months ago no longer fit. All my son’s pants look like waders. My daughter is outfited for spring, but not doing so well in the fall/winter department. I have a drawer full of children’s socks and maybe only a half dozen fit either of them.
~ Where is the clothing fairy when you need her? ~
Copyright Natalie Rose York

One Response to “Aargh!”

  1. Heather Says:

    Oh, Nat. I remember this too. I am doing this with Haydn now. I dreaded cooler weather b/c he doesn’t have many pairs of pants that fit. And he isn’t easy to fit. He’s all LONG and skinny. Size 4 fits his waist and he needs a size 5 for length. And what is it with kids and socks? I cannot keep enough socks in the house.
    I miss my Nattie.

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