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Thank you, Melissa

(Originally published by Nattie on October 6, 2003)
I needed to hear this message today…

“If you focus on the flaws, you’ll miss the feast.”–Joseph M. Schuster
I love Mondays. To me they represent new beginnings in the strictest sense. But, first off…I have to forgive myself for all of the things that were left undone last week: bills not paid, stamps not bought, letters either not written or mailed, phone calls unreturned. And the list goes on…
I pretend that I’ve not failed—not been neglectful. And really, I haven’t been. I’m human and have too much to do. Haven’t quite figured out how to fit it all in…and maybe never will.
The truth is…life isn’t meant to be ridden with guilt. Joy needs to be found in the simplest tasks and I refuse to let all of these petty chores change that.

Brought to you by The Mother’s Hour. Check it out, today!
Copyright Natalie Rose York
(Note: The reference above is no longer active. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who knows where it might be located now. Thanks!)
(Note #2: Thanks to Stephanie, we now know where Melissa’s writings can be found; please see her comment below.)

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  1. stephanie Says:

    Nattie’s Daddy,
    You can find it here now: The Mother’s Hour. She’s moved and changed it up some, but still the same sweet writings. 🙂

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