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Still breathing…I think

(Originally published by Nattie on October 18, 2003)
My day so far:
~ wake up at 6:30 after getting less than 5 hours of sleep
~ fix breakfast around 9:30
~ sit down to email article I’d stayed up all night to finish
~ no dial tone
~ check all the phones downstairs—no dial tone
~ Did I pay the bill?
~ Yes, I did.

~ check the phone in my bedroom
~ kids have knocked it off the hook
~ sit down again to type article
~ hubby comes downstairs to say he has to be at the doctor’s office by 10:30
~ it is 10 o’clock now
~ rush around to get everyone ready
~ go to the bank
~ go get gas
~ take hubby to the dr
~ drive 10 miles to take Jonathan to speech therapy
~ drop Jonathan off
~ Anna and I go back to get hubby at dr’s office and take him to work
~ Get back to Jonathan’s school late because I was stopped by a train
~ Go to McDonald’s for lunch
~ sit down to email article again and outlook express isn’t working
~ uninstall/reinstall OE three times before it will work right
~ finally get ready to send article
~ it is time to go get hubby’s paycheck
~ get everyone dressed again
~ go to hubby’s work
~ go to bank
~ go get hubby an iced tea and need more gas
~ Jonathan is supposed to stay in the car with Anna because she is asleep
~ go pay for gas and get iced tea turn around and Jonathan is in the store with me
~ berate Jonathan while driving back to hubby’s work
~ forget to give hubby tea
~ go back
~ go to store
~ go to apartment rental office to get new keys
~ go get mail
~ see cousin pulling in
~ cousin has brought belated birthday presents for kids and halloween treats
~ has also brought winter coat and some clothes she has grown out of for me
~ am embarrassed to death when she needs to use restroom
~ towels all over the floor, trash overflowing, toilet doesn’t flush…
~ cousin leaves
~ sit down again to get article sent
~ finally get it sent
What is left of the day:
~ 15 minutes till when I need to start dinner–smoked sausage, potatoes, green beans and garlic cheese rolls
~ then get the kids ready again
~ Ready to Learn workshop at library
~ then sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Copyright Natalie Rose York

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