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I love WAH

(Originally published by Nattie on October 23, 2003)
God lead me to a wonderful bunch of ladies. We are called WAH (women at home). We love each other. We support each other. We pray for each other, and we are all eerily alike. :o)
Today, Heather, sent us a poem. It was so wonderful I had to share. It may not seem special to you, but it is very special to me.

I have friends whose faces
Have only come to me in one dimension.
They slide to me without form.
Yet, they breathe with me.
I feel their hugs from far away.
Their names alone can make me smile,
And they offer me a godly refuge.
They are the shields, the swords,
The songs I prayed for.
On lonely nights and happy nights alike,
I find myself wishing to call them up,
To meet for coffee in the bookstore.
Subconsciously, I seek them out at church.
To worship with them would be a true experience,
And experience in sisterhood
I have not yet been blessed with.
Father, God, keep them well for me.
Grant their wishes.
Hold their hands
And bless their sleep.
copyright–Heather Truett 10/23/03
Some people wonder if internet friendships can be real. I think so. I long to help them through hard times with more than just my prayers. I wish to meet them for coffee. I have met one of my “internet” friends, Ann. She wasn’t a WAH member, but she is very special to me. I look forward to meeting more. I do get to meet Dana in November. Yippee!
Like I said, I love my “WAH.” God bless you (in no particular order)…
and Di
Copyright Natalie Rose York
(Daddy’s Note: Some of the above-linked sites have moved or are no longer in use. If any of the owners would like to update heir URLs, please do so in a comment to this post. Thank you for being there for Natalie, and for those of us left behind!)

9 Responses to “I love WAH”

  1. Jojo Says:

    Mine has changed to: http://womenathome.typepad.com/jojo
    Thank YOU for raising such a wonderful woman. About half of our group is getting together this weekend in Nashville for our annual reunion. Don’t think that we won’t be remembering that Nattie was with us last year, and the hole that is still left in our group by her absence. We still miss her greatly.

  2. StephanieG Says:

    Wow…just wow…I miss Nattie so much and I love that she is still speaking to us through you. Thank you…WAH IS an amazing place and we were so blessed to have shared our time with Nattie…it will NEVER be the same without her.

  3. Jen L. Says:

    I’ve had the privilege of meeting 2 WAH but never had the pleasure of Nattie’s acquaintance in person. There’s a rare day that goes by that I don’t think of her and of you, her family. I miss her.

  4. Becky Says:

    It was right at 3 years ago this weekend that I met Nattie in person for the first time…in Nashville. I’ll be in Nashville this weekend also and every time I’m hugging my dear, dear friend – I’ll be hugging Nattie too!

  5. Heather Says:

    *sniffle* So long ago, the days of Xanga and WaH emails and laughter. I miss Nattie and those days.

  6. Cynthia Says:

    …crazy crying right now…when I read Lesleys post @ WAH I KNEW it was going to be a hard one to read…I LOVE WAH and I am soooooo very grateful for the friendships I have made there and the meetups I have had the amazing pleasure to have! I LOVE YOU GIRLS to pieces!!!11
    (((Heather))) thank you for writing this, it is as true today was the day you wrote it…

  7. Katie Says:

    Oh this is making me cry on the inside. I am at the library so no public tears. I am so grateful for the chance to have known Nattie through WAH. I am so grateful for the friends have at WAH.

  8. Dana Says:

    reading this just before we all got together –the first get together since nat died, was almost like taking her with us. She WAS there with us, just beyond our sight and our grasp, but there none the less.
    Your continuing to post her thoughts means so much.

  9. Dan Says:

    Oh, I needed this. And I didn’t read it before we met in Nashville…but she was totally there with us…and I KNOW she is there in Heaven and I KNOW that I wll see her again. In the twinkling of an eye, Natalie…give me a minute or two, but I’m coming soon. Have some chocolate ready.