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I take it back

(Originally published by Nattie on October 24, 2003)
One entry about how much I love ’em and they are bickering over who I listed first!? So in order of importance….
Stacey (because she is not here to comment)
Heather (because she is at work and can’t comment)
Di (because she hasn’t been online much lately and can’t comment)
Skipper (because she is nice enough not to bicker)
Jojo (because she is younger than Dana who pointed out to everyone that I was going to be 30 *gasp* soon) and last but not least…
Dana! So there!
If you think I’m nuts, you should read the comments left on my last entry. ;o)
Copyright Natalie Rose York
(Daddy’s Note: The comments to which Natalie refers are those left on the original post in 2003 which, I am sad to say, are no longer available. Meanwhile, the archival entry of February 13, 23007, caused a noticeable spike in visitor numbers, and nothing but positive comments.
The proximity of that posting and your annual get-together was purely coincidental. I hope that those of you who got to meet last weekend in Nashville had safe travels and a wonderful time.)

One Response to “I take it back”

  1. Skipper Says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Some days there aren’t enough tears.
    And others where I can’t stop smiling at the wonder of my natalie…she had no idea her giggles and quirks were exactly what I would need in the days to come.
    We’ve shared more than I can’t even number….and I miss my friend.

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