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Credit where credit is due

Back when I started posting archived entries, here, I told you this would always be Nattie’s blog. It will never be about me. Consequently, I considred not approving Uncle Brian’s comment. But it’s about her, too.

I did help publicize Boyd in the early days, but he was destined for fame and greatness before I met him. Some of his works had already been featured in print, and he was well on his way, even while working on one car at a time, with part-time help, in the garage behind his house. He would have been just as big if I had never come along…but this isn’t about him, either.
Somewhere there are photos of a junior-high-aged girl, bored out of her mind, sitting patiently in Boyd’s body shop while her daddy took pictures of Boyd, and (Ford Mustang) designer Larry Erickson, ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons, and assorted camp followers, as they pored over the progress being made on Billy’s CadZZilla.
When Nattie’s Mom decided to stay here last summer, as long as she was needed, she borrowed a car from Wes’ mom. Realizing that Boyd might be able to bring Mary’s car in one of his trucks when they came to a show at Indianapolis in June. I asked a mutual friend to track him down–turned out he was more than willing to help, but his trucks had already left Anaheim.
He did phone to see how we were doing. Caught me at Natalie’s bedside on June 6, only 12 hours before she left us behind. He offered his sincere sympathies, thoughts and prayers. He said things were going great, and he enjoyed his frantic pace. And that was the last time we spoke.
I heard last month Boyd had been ailing, but never dreamed his condition would take such a drastic turn. There’s sadness everywhere. Now, our prayers are with the Coddington family, and our thoughts are of better days.
Hugs all around.

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  1. Heather Says:

    My aunt passed away last weekend, and I was hospitalized the next morning. As I lay there, hooked up to tubes with a machine beeping at me, I thought a lot about Natalie’s last few weeks of life. It was sad and sweet. I miss her.

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