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busy, busy, busy

(Originally published by Nattie on November 3, 2003)
~ Yesterday we were bit by the cleaning bug. Hubby and I team cleaned. I got to do most of the decluttering while he used his elbow grease to tackle tough stains (sounds like a commercial, doesn’t it?).
~ Today we had the last story time of the year. Boo Hoo!
~ Played at the park. I had fun teaching the kids how to pump their legs to go higher on the swings.
~ Did I mention it is in the 70’s? and it is November?! That is virtually unheard of in Indiana.
~ Working on more books for my list.
~ Have I said this before? So many books, so little time?!!! I swear I imbibe in books the way some do in alcohol or drugs. I devour them voraciously.
~ My children are always into mischief. It has been warm so we have the windows open. I know not to open the windows in the kids room because they will lift the screen and throw toys out. Hubby didn’t know that. So we had a back porch filled with toys and a stuffed bunny hanging in the gutter. They are silly.
Copyright Natalie Rose York

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