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“Team Nattie” updated again”

I attended my first “team captains’ meeting” last night. It was also the last one of the year. If you ordered a shirt, it is in the mail, and should be to you by Wednesday or Thursday. I hope you can wear it on June 7, wherever you are.

Earlier on Thursday–thanks to the generosity of Brian, Cynthia, Amy, Cathy, Pattie, Anne, Lesley, Jennifer, Sara, Erik, Maria, Jack and Rich–I doubled the team goal for the second time. We are currently at $665.00, and with the help of some other co-workers, friends and family members, I hope to see that rise a little more before the event
It’s never too late to register or to donate…but many T-shirt sizes are sold out, and I won’t be making another mailing until after the event.
Remembering Natalie Rose York — for the Grant County (Indiana) Relay for Life in Marion on June 7, 2008. Anyone who wishes to participate, either locally or at a distance may register at the team website.

2 Responses to ““Team Nattie” updated again””

  1. Heather Says:

    I didn’t have the money to sponsor this year, but I am cheering you all on and praying.

  2. Heather R Says:

    no money here either but im praying cant wait til this weekend and seeing building 429 im sure Nattie will be dancing too

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