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pennies from heaven

I have never literally seen a penny fall from heaven, but I have had a twenty dollar bill fall out of my empty arms. I’ve also had gas bills paid by unknown benafactors or had twenty dollar bookmarks left in a book sitting in my purse (I know who left that bookmark this time and thank you!).
I’ve also had my car insurance paid and new tags put on my card. I’ve had checks that I didn’t know were coming flutter out of Christmas card. Do you know where all of these items come from? Heaven.
They may be directly given by a real person, but they are an ambassador of God whether they know it or not.
So whether that is where the term pennies from heaven came from that is what I consider the meaning to be. Blessings falling on those who need them when they need them directed by God’s hand. Blessings big and small. Because pennies from heaven doesn’t have to be a monetary blessing sometimes all you need today is to know that you matter.
Let’s not forget that in this season and all year through. Let’s be ambassadors of pennies from heaven. I want to be used by God to bless others the way He has blessed me.

2 Responses to “pennies from heaven”

  1. Maria Says:

    So happy for you dear Nattie. Keep praising and praying!
    Love you girl

  2. Michelle Says:

    Thank you for reminding me of the amazing way God provides. He has done the same for me many times, and I have a short memory. Thank you for sharing! And I am praising God with you for how He is taking care of you!!
    Twinkling for Jesus, Michelle