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Giving and Receiving

(Originally published by Nattie on December 18, 2003)
I got this email today from Momsense, a MOPS radio transcript…

At MOPS, we have a powerful visual aid to remind us as mothers that though we are meeting everyone else’s needs, we too have needs. We too need to be nurtured. The reminder is a crumpled up, empty cardboard juice box with a bunch of straws sticking into it, symbolic of the way we moms feel as everyone around us sticks their straws into us and sucks and sucks until we feel totally empty with nothing left to give.

That symbol is a good reminder in these days prior to Christmas, as we feel like we’re in charge of creating Christmas for everyone else around us. We’re giving, giving, giving, until we sometimes feel as if we have nothing left to give. In the midst of these feelings, we need to remember to receive

  • so we are able to give. We need to receive God’s gift of love to each of us at Christmastime
  • the gift of Jesus, a baby born in a manger; Emmanuel
  • God with us. As we feast our eyes on the manger in a Nativity scene, or listen to the words of a Christmas carol, let the reality of God’s gift of love fill us up from the inside out; let the presence of Jesus replenish our empty juice boxes. Let us receive
  • so that we are able to give during this Christmas season.

–Elisa Morgan

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