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Where I’m From

(Originally published by Nattie on December 30, 2003)
I followed a rabbit trail today. I read Stacey’s Blog which took my to Naomi’s Blog, which took me to this site and this site.
Now I will attempt to define Where I’m From

I am from ink,
from motor oil and coffee black.
I am from Hoosier stock
raised in captivity in the warm California sun and replanted in the soil of my birth.

I am from condominiums,
from miniscule backyards and imaginary friends.
I am from private schools,
from church on Sundays and Disneyland as my playground.
I am from nurses and writers.
I am from Wootens and from Carters,
from Rhines and Rileys,
from farmers, missionaries, CPA’s and from teachers.
I am from bookworms, wordsmiths and from scribblers.
I am from compassion and intelligence,
from stubborn pride.
I am from potatoes and noodles,
from farm fresh green beans and peanut butter pie.
I am from blue-collar, middleclass;
from gospel sings and summer camp meetings.
I am from distorted bloodlines
from Pennsylvania Dutch and Cherokee.
I am from homemakers and ditch diggers,
from yarn, thread and fabric.
I am from afghans and quilts
from big black leather Bibles and stiff wooden pews.
I am from White Shoulders,
from tobacco and bandages.
I am from divorce, latchkeys and single parent homes.
I am from functional disfunction,
from stepdads and stepsisters.
I am from a strong work ethic,
from work your fingers to the bone.
I am from “children are seen but not heard” and from “life isn’t always what you want it to be.”
I am from I Shot the Sheriff and Amazing Grace.
I am from American Graffitti and The Way We Were.
I am from baseball hats, tshirts
and from silk and hotrods.
I am from me.

Copyright Natalie Rose York

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