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My blog is back!!!!

I lost everything in a server crash or something like that. Two years of blog entries. Gone in the blink of an eye. All my pictures that I had saved online got wiped out too.
I mourned. I put on sack clothe. I wailed a little. Okay, I wailed a lot. I contemplated never writing ever again. Then when my dad said my blog was back I felt my heart skip a beat.
I love my little piece of cyberspace. I love what it brings out in me creatively that paper and pencil does not. I still have my paper journal, but this little blog is…another piece of me. And I felt bare without it.
Now to add all my links and stuff again. Today is a new day. With no mistakes in it. Yet. *wink, wink*

9 Responses to “My blog is back!!!!”

  1. Dana Says:

    and HOORAY i commented FIRST
    neener neener neener

  2. dawn Says:

    Yay! I missed you.

  3. Misty Says:

    Oh Nattie! I am so sorry you lost your blog. How did that happen? I’m so happy you didn’t quit writing though.

  4. Heather Says:

    And i love this look!

  5. stephanie Says:

    She’s back!!!! Yeah!!!!

  6. Stacey Says:

    (((hugs))) YEAH!

  7. Maggie Ann Says:

    Just happened by surfing and glad for you that your blog is back. I dread losing my blog to a computer failure. You’re right, it is a part of us that we may not have known about until we blogged/journaled and voila! Here we are in cyberspace *smile*

  8. ~Leann Says:

    I am so sorry you lost all your posts – I am, however, very glad you are still online and blogging. ((((((((((NATTIE))))))))))

  9. Dawn Says:

    So glad you’re back, Nattie, but I’m so sorry you lost so much. 🙁