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One day down

(Originally published by Nattie on January 16, 2004)

  1. I didn’t recognize him. I was looking for a yellow shirt. He was in a blue shirt and jeans. Someone had an accident. So I’m going to have to send extra clothes, just in case. He didn’t seem too distressed. He just didn’t make it.
  2. He talked on and on about everything from the brownies he had for to lunch to the bubbles he got to blow.
  3. We have done our “homework” already. I am trying to get in the habit of sitting down with him everyday as soon as he gets home to go over his backpack’s contents and we’ll read a story and have a snack.
  4. He is ready to go back tomorrow.
  5. He didn’t like that Anna and I went to the library without him so we are going together on Wednesday.
  6. Anna didn’t like me sitting with Jonathan and doing his homework. She laid on the floor saying her tummy hurt. Of course it stopped hurting as soon as she heard me say the word “cookies.”

Copyright Natalie Rose York

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