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In mourning

(Originally published by Nattie on January 19, 2004)
I received a call from my aunt last night. The poor thing, it seems that every time she calls it is with bad news. My cousin, Mike’s little boy Cody passed away yesterday.

Cody was a very special little boy. It is hard to believe he was 13 already. I remember chasing him up and down the stairs at his grandma’s house like it was yesterday. He loved to climb the stairs. Cody had a mild form of Down Syndrome. He had a rough life. He also had other birth defects including heart problems.
He had just had heart surgery again in December. He wasn’t doing well. My uncle said that he had lost a lot of weight and was talking about being with his Memaw. Memaw was his grandma, my aunt Rachel, who died of a stroke in December of 2002. Memaw was his biggest advocate. His parents loved him, but he and Memaw had a special bond.
Cody developed pnuemonia and was being transported yesterday by ambulance to the children’s hospital. He died en route. He is with his Memaw in heaven now. I can see Aunt Rachel pushing God out of the way so she could hug Cody first. :o)
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