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Crazy day

(Originally published by Nattie on August 30, 2004)
I am Saturday's Child
What day are you?

I’ve been running around today like a chicken with its head cut off:

  • took Jonathan to school
  • went to dollar store and convenience store
  • took hubby to work
  • went to bank
  • went to convenience store again
  • went to Kmart
  • went to post office
  • went to library
  • picked Jonathan up from school
  • went to McDonald’s
  • went to library again (Jonathan felt left out that he did not have any books of his own)
  • went to Dr.’s for Jonathan’s preschool physical
  • went to Great Grands for a visit
  • went to pharmacy to pick a prescription refill
  • went to McDonald’s to get hubby dinner
  • picked up hubby so he could take us home and he’d have the car
  • fixed dinner
  • did dishes

I think that is all, but I feel wiped out. I’m heading to bed after I take a bubble bath. Night.
Copyright Natalie Rose York

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